mix phx.gen.embedded (Phoenix v1.5.7) View Source

Generates an embedded Ecto schema for casting/validating data outside the DB.

mix phx.gen.embedded Blog.Post title:string views:integer

The first argument is the schema module followed by the schema attributes.

The generated schema above will contain:

  • an embedded schema file in lib/my_app/blog/post.ex


The resource fields are given using name:type syntax where type are the types supported by Ecto. Omitting the type makes it default to :string:

mix phx.gen.embedded Blog.Post title views:integer

The following types are supported:

  • :integer

  • :float

  • :decimal

  • :boolean

  • :map

  • :string

  • :array

  • :references

  • :text

  • :date

  • :time

  • :time_usec

  • :naive_datetime

  • :naive_datetime_usec

  • :utc_datetime

  • :utc_datetime_usec

  • :uuid

  • :binary

  • :datetime - An alias for :naive_datetime