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swagger_path(action, list)

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Swagger operations (aka "paths") are defined inside a swagger_path block.

Within the do-end block, the DSL provided by the PhoenixSwagger.Path module can be used. The DSL is any chain of functions with first argument being a PhoenixSwagger.Path.PathObject struct.

The verb and path can be set explicitly using the get, put, post, patch, delete functions, or inferred from the phoenix router automatically.

Swagger tags will default to match the module name with trailing Controller removed. Eg operations defined in module MyApp.UserController will have tags: ["User"].

Swagger operationId will default to the fully qualified action function name. Eg index action in MyApp.UserController will have operationId: "MyApp.UserController.index".


defmodule ExampleController do
  use ExampleApp.Web, :controller
  use PhoenixSwagger

  swagger_path :index do
    get "/users"
    summary "Get users"
    description "Get users, filtering by account ID"
    parameter :query, :id, :integer, "account id", required: true
    response 200, "Description", :Users
    tag "users"

  def index(conn, _params) do
    posts = Repo.all(Post)
    render(conn, "index.json", posts: posts)