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items(model, item_schema)

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Sets the schema/s for the items of an array.

Use a single schema for arrays when each item should have the same schema. Use a list of schemas when the array represents a tuple, each element will be validated against the corresponding schema in the items list.


iex> alias PhoenixSwagger.Schema
...> %Schema{type: :array}
...> |> Schema.items(%Schema{type: :string})
%PhoenixSwagger.Schema{type: :array, items: %PhoenixSwagger.Schema{type: :string}}

iex> alias PhoenixSwagger.Schema
...> %Schema{type: :array}
...> |> Schema.items([%Schema{type: :string}, %Schema{type: :number}])
  type: :array,
  items: [%PhoenixSwagger.Schema{type: :string}, %PhoenixSwagger.Schema{type: :number}]