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property(model, name, type_or_schema, description \\ nil, opts \\ [])

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Sets a property of the Schema.


iex> alias PhoenixSwagger.Schema
...> %Schema{type: :object}
...> |>, :string, "Full name", required: true, maxLength: 256)
...> |>, [:string, "null"], "Street Address")
...> |>, Schema.array(:User), "Friends list", required: true)
  type: :object,
  properties: %{
    friends: %PhoenixSwagger.Schema{
      type: :array,
      description: "Friends list",
      items: %PhoenixSwagger.Schema{"$ref": "#/definitions/User"}
    address: %PhoenixSwagger.Schema{
      type: [:string, "null"],
      description: "Street Address"
    name: %PhoenixSwagger.Schema{
      type: :string,
      description: "Full name",
      maxLength: 256
  required: [:friends, :name]