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Construct a new %Schema{} struct using the schema DSL.

This macro is similar to PhoenixSwagger.swagger_schema, except that it produces a Schema struct instead of a plain map with string keys.


iex> require PhoenixSwagger.Schema, as: Schema
...> do
...>   type :object
...>   properties do
...>     name :string, "user name", required: true
...>     date_of_birth :string, "date of birth", format: :datetime
...>   end
...> end
  type: :object,
  properties: %{
    name: %Schema {
      type: :string,
      description: "user name"
    date_of_birth: %Schema {
      type: :string,
      format: :datetime,
      description: "date of birth"
  required: [:name]