Test Helpers

PhoenixSwagger also includes a testing helper module PhoenixSwagger.SchemaTest to conveniently assert that responses from Phoenix controller actions conform to your swagger schema.

In your controller test files add the PhoenixSwagger.SchemaTest mixin with the path to your swagger spec:

defmodule YourApp.UserControllerTest do
  use YourApp.ConnCase, async: true
  use PhoenixSwagger.SchemaTest, "priv/static/swagger.json"

Then in each test, the context will contain the swagger_schema, which can be used with the validate_resp_schema function:

test "shows chosen resource", %{conn: conn, swagger_schema: schema} do
  user = Repo.insert! struct(User, @valid_attrs)
  response =
    |> get(user_path(conn, :show, user))
    |> validate_resp_schema(schema, "UserResponse")
    |> json_response(200)