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set_prefixed_attributes(assigns, prefixes, opts \\ [])

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Extends assigns with prefixed attributes that can be interpolated within your component markup. It will automatically detect any attribute prefixed by any of the given prefixes from input assigns.

Can be used for intance to easily map alpinejs html attributes.


  • assigns - your component assigns
  • prefixes - a list of prefix as binaries


  • :init - a list of attributes that will be initialized if absent from assigns
  • :required - raises if required attributes are absent from assigns
  • :into - merges all assigns in a single one that can be interpolated at once


|> set_prefixed_attributes(
    ["@click", "x-bind:"],
    required: ["x-bind:class"],
    into: :alpine_attributes

assigns now contains @raw_click, @raw_x-bind:class and @raw_alpine_attributes.