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Structure with connection config, such as host, port, user, password and other

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Generates Connection from typical connection string

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t() :: %{
  host: String.t(),
  port: integer(),
  scheme: String.t(),
  password: String.t(),
  user: String.t(),
  database: String.t(),
  max_query_size: integer() | nil,
  allow_suspicious_low_cardinality_types: boolean() | nil

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new(String.t()) :: t()

Generates Connection from typical connection string:

%Pillar.Connection{} = Pillar.Connection.new("https://user:password@localhost:8123/some_database")

# in this case "default" database is used
%Pillar.Connection{} = Pillar.Connection.new("https://localhost:8123")
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