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Adapter interface to the AMQP RPC pattern.

Plug.AMQP provides an AMQP interface to Plug. When using Plug.AMQP you can write servers that answer requests sent through an AMQP broker, like RabbitMQ. The request response pattern is explained in detail here.


To use Plug.AMQP, add it to your supervision tree. Assuming that your Plug module is named MyPlug:

children = [
  {Plug.AMQP, connection_options: "amqp://my-rabbit:5672", plug: MyPlug}

Supervisor.start_link(children, strategy: :one_for_one)

Check option/0 and Plug.AMQP.ConsumerProducer.option/0 for more options.


The following example is taken from the RabbitMQ RPC Tutorial but using Plug.AMQP.

# The Server

defmodule MyPlug do
  @behaviour Plug

  @impl true
  def init(_opts), do: nil

  @impl true
  def call(conn, _opts) do
    {:ok, body, conn} = Plug.Conn.read_body(conn)
    input = String.to_integer(body)

    output = fib(input)

    resp_body = to_string(output)
    Plug.Conn.send_resp(conn, 200, resp_body)

  defp fib(0), do: 0
  defp fib(1), do: 1
  defp fib(n) when n > 1, do: fib(n - 1) + fib(n - 2)

# Setting Up the RPC Request Queue

{:ok, conn} =
{:ok, chan} =

{:ok, _info} = AMQP.Queue.declare(chan, "rpc_queue")

# Starting the Server

{:ok, _adapter} = Plug.AMQP.start_link(consumer_queue: "rpc_queue", plug: MyPlug)

# Setting the Client

{:ok, %{queue: callback_queue}} = AMQP.Queue.declare(chan, "", exclusive: true)
{:ok, _ctag} = AMQP.Basic.consume(chan, callback_queue, nil, no_ack: true)

# Sending a Request

IO.puts("Sending a 30 as a request")
AMQP.Basic.publish(chan, "", "rpc_queue", "30", reply_to: callback_queue)

# Waiting a Response

receive do
  {:basic_deliver, response, _meta} ->
    IO.puts("Got a #{response} response")

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A Plug.AMQP configuration option.

A list of option/0s.


Returns a specification to start this module under a supervisor.

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option() ::
  {:plug, module() | {module() | keyword()}}
  | Plug.AMQP.ConsumerProducer.option()

A Plug.AMQP configuration option.

Plug.AMQP supports any of Plug.AMQP.ConsumerProducer.option/0. Also, the plug option must be used to set the main plug of a server.


options() :: [option() | {atom(), any()}]

A list of option/0s.

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Returns a specification to start this module under a supervisor.

See Supervisor.