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https(plug, opts, cowboy_options \\ [])

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https(module(), Keyword.t(), Keyword.t()) ::
  {:ok, pid()} | {:error, :eaddrinuse} | {:error, term()}

Runs cowboy under https.

Besides the options described in the module documentation, this function sets defaults and accepts all options defined in Plug.SSL.configure/2.


# Starts a new interface
Plug.Cowboy.https MyPlug, [],
  port: 443,
  password: "SECRET",
  otp_app: :my_app,
  keyfile: "priv/ssl/key.pem",
  certfile: "priv/ssl/cert.pem",
  dhfile: "priv/ssl/dhparam.pem"

# The interface above can be shutdown with
Plug.Cowboy.shutdown MyPlug.HTTPS