View Source PlugMimeTypeCheck (Plug Mime Type Check v0.1.3)

A plug that checks the mime-type of a uploaded file through a request

It requires an option:

  • :allowed_mime_types - a list of allowed file mime types for the route. It must be a list.

To use you can just plug in your controller and it will work to all your actions. You must pass the :allowed_mime_types list, for example:

plug PlugMimeTypeCheck, allowed_mime_types: ["text/csv", "image/*"]

You can apply just to defined actions, for example:

plug PlugMimeTypeCheck, [allowed_mime_types: ["application/pdf"]] when action in [:create, :update]

Or you can plug in your router.ex file:

pipeline :uploads do
  plug PlugMimeTypeCheck, allowed_mime_types: ["image/png"]

scope "/api", MyModuleWeb do
  pipe_through :uploads

  post "/upload", UploadController, :upload

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