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svg(matrix, options \\ [])

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|> QRCodeEx.encode()
|> QRCodeEx.svg(color: "#cc6600", shape: "circle", width: 300)

You can specify the following attributes of the QR code:

  • background_color: In hexadecimal format or :transparent. The default is #FFF
  • color: In hexadecimal format. The default is #000
  • shape: Only square or circle. The default is square
  • width: The width of the QR code in pixel. Without the width attribute, the QR code size will be dynamically generated based on the input string.
  • viewbox: When set to true, the SVG element will specify its height and width using viewBox, instead of explicit height and width tags.

Default options are [color: "#000", shape: "square", background_color: "#FFF"].