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init(opts :: []) :: {:ok, opts :: []}

Initializes the connection, returning the connection options.

Returned options

  • :username - The name of a user registered with the broker (defaults to “guest”);
  • :password - The password of user (defaults to “guest”);
  • :virtual_host - The name of a virtual host in the broker (defaults to “/“);
  • :host - The hostname of the broker (defaults to “localhost”);
  • :port - The port the broker is listening on (defaults to 5672);
  • :channel_max - The channel_max handshake parameter (defaults to 0);
  • :frame_max - The frame_max handshake parameter (defaults to 0);
  • :heartbeat - The hearbeat interval in seconds (defaults to 0 - turned off);
  • :connection_timeout - The connection timeout in milliseconds (defaults to infinity);
  • :ssl_options - Enable SSL by setting the location to cert files (defaults to none);
  • :client_properties - A list of extra client properties to be sent to the server, defaults to [];
  • :socket_options - Extra socket options. These are appended to the default options. See http://www.erlang.org/doc/man/inet.html#setopts-2 and http://www.erlang.org/doc/man/gen_tcp.html#connect-4 for descriptions of the available options.