raxx_view v0.1.7 Raxx.View

Generate views from .eex template files.

Using this module will add the functions html and render to a module.

To create layouts that can be reused across multiple pages check out Raxx.View.Layout.


# greet.html.eex
<p>Hello, <%= name %></p>

# layout.html.eex
<%= __content__ %>

# greet.ex
defmodule Greet do
  use Raxx.View,
    arguments: [:name],
    layout: "layout.html.eex"

# iex -S mix
# => "<h1>Greetings</h1>\n<p>Hello, Alice</p>"

|> Greet.render("Bob")
# => %Raxx.Response{
#      status: 200,
#      headers: [{"content-type", "text/html"}],
#      body: "<h1>Greetings</h1>\n<p>Hello, Bob</p>"
#    }


  • arguments: A list of atoms for variables used in the template. This will be the argument list for the html function. The render function takes one additional argument to this list, a response struct.

  • template (optional): The eex file containing a main content template. If not given the template file will be generated from the file of the calling module. i.e. path/to/file.ex -> path/to/file.html.eex

  • layout (optional): An eex file containing a layout template. This template can use all the same variables as the main template. In addition it must include the content using <%= __content__ %>


XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Prevention

All content interpolated into a view is escaped.

iex> Greet.html("<script>")
# => "<h1>Greetings</h1>\n<p>Hello, &lt;script&gt;</p>"

Values in the template can be marked as secure using the EExHTML.raw/1 function. raw is automatically imported to the template scope.

# greet.html.eex
<p>Hello, <%= raw name %></p>


Including untrusted data inside any other JavaScript context is quite dangerous, as it is extremely easy to switch into an execution context with characters including (but not limited to) semi-colon, equals, space, plus, and many more, so use with caution. XSS Prevention Cheat Sheet


<script type="text/javascript">
  console.log('Hello, ' + <%= name %>)

Use javascript_variables/1 for injecting variables into any JavaScript environment.

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Generate template partials from eex templates.

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partial(name, arguments, options \\ []) (macro)

Generate template partials from eex templates.