CI Hex.pm

An implementation of the W3C RDF 1.1 XML serialization format for Elixir and RDF.ex.

The API documentation can be found here. For a guide and more information about RDF.ex and it's related projects, go to https://rdf-elixir.dev.


  • fully conforming RDF/XML implementation passing all of the official tests (apart from the currently unsupported features below)
  • reader/writer for RDF.ex with support for reading and writing to streams


  • xmlns for rdf to shorten the syntax terms is not supported


The RDF-XML.ex Hex package can be installed as usual, by adding rdf_xml to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
  [{:rdf_xml, "~> 0.1"}]


RDF-XML.ex can be used to serialize or deserialize RDF data structures by using the RDF.ex reader and writer functions as usual.

graph = RDF.XML.read_file!("file.rdf")
RDF.XML.write_file!(graph, "file.rdf")

Above the common options of all RDF.ex encoders and decoders, the encoder and decoder of RDF-XML.ex supports some additional options. See the API documentation for information about the available options.


see CONTRIBUTING for details.


The development of this project was sponsored by NetzeBW for NETZlive.

(c) 2020 Marcel Otto. MIT Licensed, see LICENSE for details.