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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.


v0.2.8 [2022-01-25]

  • v0.2.7 failed to include priv/ex_doc

v0.2.7 [2022-01-24]

  • Add the ebin directories of dependencies to the code path using ex_doc's --paths option.

v0.2.6 [2022-01-22]

  • Update to latest version of ex_doc (0.27.3)
  • Added -e/--ex-doc switch to allow specifying an alternative ex_doc escript.
  • Added changelog file as centralized release note so existing developer can have quick follow-up on recent changes.
  • Added a screenshot to showcase the generated HTML output and how embedded HTML was used in a Markdown document.
  • Added badges for quick overview of the project and provide quick links to and from the README file in GitHub.
  • Added a copyright and license section so people are aware of copyright owner and license term of this project.
  • Replaced the Apache2 license with Markdown version instead of plain text version to improve readability.
  • Fix misc. Markdown issues to improve readability.
  • Fixed a bug where by we were not passing the package name to ex_doc

v0.2.5 [2022-01-11]

  • Update to the latest version of ex_doc (0.27.1)

v0.2.4 [2022-01-10]

  • Fixed a bug that prevented generating docs on windows thanks to @cw789 for raising the issue and testing the patch (this was actually released in 0.2.4, but noting here).
  • Add link to github in hex metadata.

v0.2.3 [2021-12-21]

  • Fixed a bug where by edoc opts along with ex_doc_opts might cause beam chunks to not be emitted. Thanks to @Taure for raising the issue.

v0.2.2 [2021-12-21]

  • Be specific in where ex_doc configuration should be placed.
  • remove rogue "?" from source rev argument.

v0.2.1 [2021-12-21]

  • Make {proglang, erlang} the default for ex_doc config.
  • Add ourselves (rebar3_ex_doc) to hex config for publishing.

v0.2.0 [2021-12-21]

  • Initial public release.