recurly v0.2.2 Recurly.Association

Represents an association (link) in the xml. An example would be the transactions link and the billing_info link on Recurly.Account.

<!-- ... -->
  <transactions href="" />
  <billing_info href="" />
<!-- ... -->

If you want to know how to fetch associations, see Recurly.Resource.find/1 for paginate == false and for paginate == true.

Struct Fields

  • href the href to the association
  • resource_type the resource type (module) responsible for the link
  • paginate will be true when you need to paginate through the resources (link transactions). It will be false if the association is a singleton (like billing_info)


{:ok, account} = Recurly.Account.find("myaccountcode")

#=> %Recurly.Association{
#=>   href: "",
#=>   paginate: true,
#=>   resource_type: Recurly.Transaction}

#=> %Recurly.Association{
#=>   href: "",
#=>   paginate: false,
#=>   resource_type: Recurly.BillingInfo}