mix scenic.hash (Scenic v0.10.3) View Source

Compute the hash of a file or multiple files in directory.


mix scenic.hash mix.exs

>> File hash using :sha
>> mix.exs -> "SjGBfd6TiDy7kbknjxt1uFbui6Q"


--hash hash_type

You can specify which hash algorithm to use with the --hash switch. The valid hash types you can specify are [ sha, sha224, sha256, sha384, sha512, ripemd160 ]

mix scenic.hash mix.exs --hash sha256

>> File hash using :sha256
>> mix.exs -> "Svs-U3-UaMvp5i_Okpj9v92oX5uQmGIp0WHn_aRWt2w"

You can also point it at a directory to have it hash the files within

mix scenic.hash guides

>> File hash using :sha
>> guides/overview_graph.md -> "xu6ihkVwAX7W8-Rzr2U769DR46w"
>> guides/overview_general.md -> "UNcd84guRIEBK5a0tWdp5MYmJpI"
>> guides/overview_driver.md -> "zsTJ_xDQGrXLBtQk80hSUt-wZYE"
>> guides/scene_lifecycle.md -> "jNcP7dPNXon0zEMtyCqL2z-A7FY"
>> guides/overview_scene.md -> "apxgZRkCBHZeNNzCMpxgQRytHLA"
>> guides/getting_started.md -> "v1So-K14iPs_mGQZqr237TPah8I"
>> guides/overview_viewport.md -> "3TpXIFxcwG54N2bb0O-86aznSS4"
>> guides/mix_tasks.md -> "CWp9l8tDfHf5czjJqpbKtPqaqlc"