sigaws v0.7.2 Sigaws.Ctxt

Context containing information related to Sigaws Signature verification.


Access Key ID used for verification. Extracted from credential scope.
regionFrom credential scope
serviceFrom credential scope
signed_at_amz_dtFrom X-Amz-Date parameter or header
From X-Amz-Expires parameter or header (nil when not specified)
From Authorization header or X-Amz-SignedHeaders parameter. This is a list of header names normalized to lowercase.
signatureFrom Authorization header or X-Amz-Signature parameter

This is passed to the callbacks in Sigaws.Provider behavior. It is also returned when the verification succeeds. A plug performing signature verification can make this context available as a plug connection assign upon successful verification. This facilitates separate policy enforcement plugs that could potentially be developed making use of this verified context.

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Link to this type expires_in()
expires_in() :: integer() | nil
Link to this type signed_headers()
signed_headers() :: [binary()]
Link to this type t()
t() :: %Sigaws.Ctxt{access_key: binary(), expires_in: expires_in(), region: binary(), service: binary(), signature: binary(), signed_at_amz_dt: binary(), signed_headers: signed_headers()}