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handle_resp_timeout(pdus, state)

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handle_resp_timeout(pdus :: [SMPPEX.Pdu.t()], state()) ::
  {:ok, state()} | {:ok, [SMPPEX.Pdu.t()], state()} | {:stop, reason(), state()}

Invoked when the session does not receive a response to a previously sent PDU within the specified timeout.

pdu argument contains the PDU for which no response was received. If the response will be received later it will be dropped (with an info log message).

The callback return values indicate the following:

  • {:ok, state} — use state as the new session state;
  • {:ok, pdus, state} — use state as the new session state and additionally send pdus to the connection;
  • {:stop, reason, state} — stop with reason reason and use state as the new session state.