View Source SPARQL.Client.Request (SPARQL.Client v0.4.2)

A struct representing a HTTP request of a SPARQL protocol operation.

For now, you won't have to deal with this struct that much. You'll encounter it only as a member of a SPARQL.Client.HTTPError or when writing a custom config function for the HTTP headers (see documentation of the configuration options for SPARQL.Client).

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@type http_method() :: :get | :post
@type protocol_version() :: String.t()
@type t() :: %SPARQL.Client.Request{
  http_accept_header: String.t(),
  http_body: String.t() | nil,
  http_content_type_header: String.t(),
  http_headers: map(),
  http_method: http_method(),
  http_response_body: String.t(),
  http_response_content_type: String.t(),
  http_status: pos_integer(),
  result: SPARQL.Query.Result.t() | RDF.Data.t(),
  sparql_endpoint: String.t(),
  sparql_graph_params: list(),
  sparql_operation_form: atom(),
  sparql_operation_payload: String.t(),
  sparql_operation_type: module(),
  sparql_protocol_version: protocol_version()