Waffle.Actions.Store (waffle v1.1.8)

Store files to a defined adapter.

The definition module responds to Avatar.store/1 which accepts either:

  • A path to a local file

  • A path to a remote http or https file

  • A map with a filename and path keys (eg, a %Plug.Upload{})

  • A map with a filename and binary keys (eg, %{filename: "image.png", binary: <<255,255,255,...>>})

  • A two-element tuple consisting of one of the above file formats as well as a scope map

Example usage as general file store:

# Store any locally accessible file
Avatar.store("/path/to/my/file.png") #=> {:ok, "file.png"}

# Store any remotely accessible file
Avatar.store("http://example.com/file.png") #=> {:ok, "file.png"}

# Store a file directly from a `%Plug.Upload{}`
Avatar.store(%Plug.Upload{filename: "file.png", path: "/a/b/c"}) #=> {:ok, "file.png"}

# Store a file from a connection body
{:ok, data, _conn} = Plug.Conn.read_body(conn)
Avatar.store(%{filename: "file.png", binary: data})

Example usage as a file attached to a scope:

scope = Repo.get(User, 1)
Avatar.store({%Plug.Upload{}, scope}) #=> {:ok, "file.png"}

This scope will be available throughout the definition module to be used as an input to the storage parameters (eg, store files in /uploads/#{scope.id}).

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store(definition, filepath)