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Generates a parser from ABNF definition - text (:abnf) or file path (:abnf_file)

An entry rule can be defined by :parse. If defined, a parse/1 function and a parse!/1 function will be generated with the entry rule.

By default, every chunk defined by a rule is wrapped (in list) and tagged by the rulename. Use the options to :untag, :unwrap or both (:unbox).

Parsed chunks (rules) can be discarded :ignore.

Transformations (:map, :reduce, :replace) can be applied by passing in a :transform map with keys being rulenames and values being 2-tuples of transformation type (:map, :reduce, :replace), and mfa tuple (for :map and reduce) or a literal value (for :replace)

Example usage:

defmodule JsonParser do
  use AbnfParsec,
    abnf_file: "test/fixture/json.abnf",
    parse: :json_text,
    transform: %{
      "string" => {:reduce, {List, :to_string, []}},
      "int" => [{:reduce, {List, :to_string, []}}, {:map, {String, :to_integer, []}}],
      "frac" => {:reduce, {List, :to_string, []}},
      "null" => {:replace, nil},
      "true" => {:replace, true},
      "false" => {:replace, false}
    untag: ["member"],
    unwrap: ["int", "frac"],
    unbox: [
    ignore: [

json = ~s| {"a": {"b": 1.2, "c": [true]}, "d": null, "e": "e\te"} |

# or
# => {:ok, ...}
# =>

  object: [
      string: ["a"],
      value: [
        object: [
          [string: ["b"], value: [number: [int: 1, frac: ".2"]]],
          [string: ["c"], value: [array: [value: [true]]]]
    [string: ["d"], value: [nil]],
    [string: ["e"], value: [string: ["e\te"]]]



All rules by default are wrapped and tagged. See NimbleParsec for more details.


@type rulename() :: :binary
@type rulenames() :: [rulename()]
@type transformation() ::
  {:replace | :reduce | :map, mfa :: {module(), atom(), [term()]}}
@type transformations() :: %{
  optional(rulename()) => transformation() | [transformation()]


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All rules by default are wrapped and tagged. See NimbleParsec for more details.


  • :abnf (binary) - ABNF directly in string data

  • :abnf_file (binary) - ABNF file path

  • :debug (boolean) - whether to output generated parser code

  • :skip (rulenames) - rules to be skipped when generating parser code

    • so user can define their own parsec definition
  • :ignore (rulenames) - rules to be discarded after being parsed

  • :untag (rulenames) - rules to be wrapped only after being parsed

  • :unwrap (rulenames) - rules to be tagged only after being parsed

    • needs to be sure that there is only singular parsed entry
  • :unbox (rulenames) - made up term, to both untag and unwrap

  • :transform (transformations) - a map of rulenames to transformations

    • {:map, mfa}
    • {:reduce, mfa}
    • {:replace, val}
    • {:post_traverse, mfa}
    • {:pre_traverse, mfa}
  • :parse (atom) - described in module doc, needs to be an atom that is in normalized form of its original string rulename