Absinthe.Type.Argument (absinthe v1.6.4) View Source

Used to define an argument.

Usually these are defined using Absinthe.Schema.Notation.arg/2

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Argument configuration

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t() :: %Absinthe.Type.Argument{
  __reference__: Absinthe.Type.Reference.t(),
  default_value: any(),
  definition: module(),
  deprecation: Absinthe.Type.Deprecation.t() | nil,
  description: binary() | nil,
  identifier: term(),
  name: binary(),
  type: Absinthe.Type.identifier_t()

Argument configuration

  • :name - The name of the argument, usually assigned automatically using Absinthe.Schema.Notation.arg/2.
  • :type - The type values the argument accepts/will coerce to.
  • :deprecation - Deprecation information for an argument, usually set-up using Absinthe.Schema.Notation.deprecate/1.
  • :description - Description of an argument, useful for introspection.

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