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Real time updates via GraphQL

For a how to guide on getting started with Absinthe.Subscriptions in your phoenix project see the Absinthe.Phoenix package.

Define in your schema via Absinthe.Schema.subscription/2

Basic Usage

Performance Characteristics

There are a couple of limitations to the beta release of subscriptions that are worth keeping in mind if you want to use this in production:

By design, all subscription docs triggered by a mutation are run inside the mutation process as a form of back pressure.

At the moment however database batching does not happen across the set of subscription docs. Thus if you have a lot of subscription docs and they each do a lot of extra DB lookups you're going to delay incoming mutation responses by however long it takes to do all that work.

Before the final version of 1.4.0 we want

  • Batching across subscriptions
  • More user control over back pressure / async balance.

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Add Absinthe.Subscription to your process tree.

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subscription_field_spec() :: {atom(), term() | (term() -> term())}

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publish(pubsub, mutation_result, info)

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Publish a mutation

This function is generally used when trying to publish to one or more subscription fields "out of band" from any particular mutation.


Note: As with all subscription examples if you're using Absinthe.Phoenix pubsub will be MyAppWeb.Endpoint.

Absinthe.Subscription.publish(pubsub, user, [new_users: user.account_id])
# publish to two subscription fields
Absinthe.Subscription.publish(pubsub, user, [
  new_users: user.account_id,

Add Absinthe.Subscription to your process tree.