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The HTTP interface for interacting with the Active Campaign API.

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@spec delete(String.t()) :: {:ok, any()} | {:error, any()}
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@spec encode_query(map()) :: String.t()

Encodes URL query params.

This differs from URI.encode_query/2 in the following ways:

  • It will encode nested maps
  • It always assumes :www_form encoding
  • It assumes keys do not always need to be :www_form encoded
  • It assume there are no maps inside lists when the map has 0 or more than 1 element



iex> iex> ActiveCampaign.Http.encode_query(%{a: %{b: :c}, d: :e})

iex> ActiveCampaign.Http.encode_query(%{ids: [1, 2, 3]})
@spec get(String.t()) :: {:ok, any()} | {:error, any()}
@spec patch(String.t(), any()) :: {:ok, any()} | {:error, any()}
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post(url_path, body \\ "")

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@spec post(String.t(), any()) :: {:ok, any()} | {:error, any()}
@spec put(String.t(), any()) :: {:ok, any()} | {:error, any()}