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A tiny library of helpers to make assertions on DOM.

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Add Adh to your mix.exs:

defp deps do
    {:adh, "~> 0.1.0"}



Adh.dom_assert(html_string, assertions)

Where assertions is a Keyword list.

The currently available assertions are:

  • dom_count: {"li", 3} There must be 3 li elements
  • dom_present: "ul" A ul is present in the document
  • dom_absent: "p" A p is absent from the document
  • dom_single: "ul" There's only one ul
  • dom_multi: "li" There are multiple li
  • dom_text: {"li:last-child", "o/"} The text of the element is "o/"
  • dom_text: {"li", ["t1", "t2", "t3"]} There are 3 li elements and their text is "ti", "t2" and "t3"

Ahd.dom_assert return a list of :ok if the assertion was succesfull, or {:fail, reason} otherwhise.


iex(1)> html = "<p>o/ <span class='red'>dog</span></p>"
iex(2)> assertions = [dom_count: {"p", 1}, dom_text: {".red", "dig"}]
iex(2)> Adh.dom_assert(html, assertions)
[:ok, {:fail, "dom text: got `dog` instead of `dig`."}]