Getting Started

ALEx is an implementation of the Arcade Learning Environment for Elixir.

Install ALEx

See the Installation Guide.

Creating a Random Agent

Interaction with ALEx is easy. First, create a new interface and set your confgiuration options:

# Create ALEx interface
interface =

# Set options
interface =
    |> Alex.set_option(:display_screen, true)
    |> Alex.set_option(:random_seed, 123)

You can also pass options as a Keyword to

interface = true, random_seed: 123)

Next, load a ROM:

# Load Tetris
tetris = Alex.load(interface, "priv/tetris.bin")

Finally, play an episode:

episode =
    fn game, episode ->
        # If the game is over, return the score
        if Alex.game_over?(game) do
            # Take a random action
            game = Alex.step(game, Enum.random(game.legal_actions))
            episode.(game, episode)

# Run an episode
tetris = episode.(tetris, episode)

Starting Over

You can easily restart an episode with Alex.reset/1:

tetris = episode.(tetris, episode)

# Run it back from the start
tetris = Alex.reset(tetris)
tetris = episode.(tetris, episode)

Taking a Screenshot

ALEx allows you to take a screenshot of the current screen at any time using Alex.screenshot/2:

# Run an episode
tetris = episode(tetris, episode)

# See how it ended

You can provide a path. The default path is the current directory with the current UTC time.

Supported ROMs

ALEx supports all ROMS supported by the ALE. ROMs can be easily found on repositories online. ALEx will verify the checksum of a ROM automatically before loading it.

Supported ROMs has a list of all supported ROMs and their MD5 checksums.

Configuring ALEx

See the Configuration Guide.

More Information

You'll want to check out the Arcade Learning Environment to learn more.

Additionally, you can check out the manual.