View Source mix (arke_new v0.1.4)

Creates a new Arke project.

It expects the path of the project as an argument.

$ mix PATH [--app PROJECT-NAME]

A project at the given PATH will be created. The application name and module name will be retrieved from the path, unless --app is given.



  • --app - the name of the ARKE application

  • --db - specify the database adapter for Ecto. One of:

    Please check the driver docs for more information and requirements. Defaults to "postgres".

  • --dev - Contribute to the Arke developement and use local version of the packages

  • --dashboard - Enable PhoenixLiveView

  • --mailer - specify the mailer to use with Swoosh. One of:

  • --terraform - create a folder containing a terraform template for arke

  • --verbose - use verbose output

  • -v, --version - prints the Arke starter version



mix by default prompts you to fetch and install your dependencies. You can enable this behaviour by passing the --install flag or disable it by using --install=false.



$ mix my_arke_project

Is equivalent to:

$ mix my_arke_project --app MyArkeProject