View Source DSL: AshAdmin.Domain

A domain extension to alter the behavior of a domain in the admin UI.


Configure the admin dashboard for a given domain.


nameString.tThe name of the domain in the dashboard. Will be derived if not set.
show?booleanfalseWhether or not this domain and its resources should be included in the admin dashboard.
show_resourcesatom | list(atom):*List of resources that should be included in the admin dashboard
default_resource_page:schema | :primary_read:schemaSet the default page for the resource to be the primary read action or the resource schema. Schema is the default for backwards compatibility, if a resource doesn't have a primary read action it will fallback to the schema view.
resource_group_labelskeyword[]Humanized names for each resource group to appear in the admin area. These will be used as labels in the top navigation dropdown. If a key for a group does not appear in this mapping, the label will not be rendered.