View Source AshAuthentication.Phoenix.Components.Reset.Form (ash_authentication_phoenix v2.0.1)

Generates a default password reset form.

Component hierarchy

This is a child of AshAuthentication.Phoenix.Components.Reset.



  • token - The reset token.
  • socket - Phoenix LiveView socket. This is needed to be able to retrieve the correct CSS configuration. Required.
  • strategy - The configuration map as per AshAuthentication.Info.strategy/2. Required.
  • label - The text to show in the submit label. Generated from the configured action name (via Phoenix.Naming.humanize/1) if not supplied. Set to false to disable.


This component provides the following overrides:

  • :root_class - CSS class for the root div element.
  • :label_class - CSS class for the h2 element.
  • :form_class - CSS class for the form element.
  • :disable_button_text - Text for the submit button when the request is happening.
  • :spacer_class - CSS classes for space between the password input and submit elements.

See AshAuthentication.Phoenix.Overrides for more information.



@type props() :: %{
  :socket => Phoenix.LiveView.Socket.t(),
  :strategy => AshAuthentication.Strategy.t(),
  :token => String.t(),
  optional(:label) => String.t() | false,
  optional(:overrides) => [module()]