View Source Authoritex.TestCase (Authoritex v0.9.1)

Shared tests for Authoritex modules

Authoritex.TestCase ensures that an authority module implements the Authoritex behvaiour and that all of its functions behave as expected. To run the shared tests, use Authoritex.TestCase, opts within your test module, where opts contains:

  • module -- The module you're testing
  • code -- The code returned by the module's code/0 callback
  • description -- The description returned by the module's description/0 callback
  • test_uris -- A list of URIs that should be resolvable by the module, referencing the same resource
  • bad_uri -- A URI that is in the correct format but does not point to a resource
  • expected -- A keyword list containing the attributes of the resource referenced by the test_uris.
  • search_result_term -- A term or search query that will include the resource referenced by the test_uris in its results
  • search_count_term -- A term or search query that will produce at least two pages of results
  • default_results (optional) -- The default maximum number of results returned by a search (default: 30)
  • specified_results (optional) -- A non-default number of results that can be used for testing search/2 (default: 50)
    See this package's test suite for detailed examples.