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The check query status request struct.

Struct fields:

  • :url - the HTTP request URL (e.g.

  • :path - the HTTP request path.

  • :headers - the HTTP request headers.

  • :body - the HTTP request body.

  • :token - the HTTP Bearer authentication token.

  • :row_types - an array of objects that describe the columns in the set of results. used for decoding.

  • :options - options to customize HTTP pipeline steps

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Builds a query status request to run.

Runs a query status request.

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@type row_types() :: [map()] | nil
@type t() :: %Avalanche.StatusRequest{
  headers: keyword(),
  options: keyword(),
  path: String.t(),
  row_types: row_types(),
  statement_handle: String.t(),
  token: String.t() | keyword(),
  url: url()
@type url() :: String.t() | URI.t()

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build(statement_handle, row_types \\ nil, options)

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@spec build(String.t(), row_types(), keyword()) :: t()

Builds a query status request to run.

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run(request, async \\ false, partition \\ 0)

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Runs a query status request.

Returns {:ok, response} or {:error, exception}.