The Binbo application

Copyright © 2019-2020 Sergei Semichev

Authors: Sergei Semichev (


Binbo is a full-featured Chess representation written in pure Erlang using Bitboards. It is basically aimed to be used on game servers where people play chess online.

It’s called Binbo because its ground is a binary board containing only zeros and ones (0 and 1) since this is the main meaning of Bitboards as an internal chessboard representation.

Binbo also uses the Magic Bitboards approach for a blazing fast move generation of sliding pieces (rook, bishop, and queen).

Note: it’s not a chess engine but it could be a good starting point for it. It can play the role of a core (regarding move generation and validation) for multiple chess engines running on distributed Erlang nodes, since Binbo is an OTP application itself.

In addition, the application is able to communicate with chess engines that support UCI protocol (Universal Chess Interface) such as Stockfish, Shredder, Houdini, etc. You can therefore write your own client-side or server-side chess bot application on top of Binbo, or just play with engine right in Erlang shell.

Binbo is part of the Awesome Elixir list.

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