API Reference bureaucrat v0.2.10



Wrapper around the configured JSON library. The default is Poison, but it can be configured to e.g. Jason with

Implements Phoenix.ConnTest macros with &Bureaucrat.Helpers.doc/1 support. When Phoenix.ConnTest macros (get, post, put...) are called, doc helper is automatically called after. If you don't wish to document a certain request, use get_undocumented or any other _undocumented macro. It automatically skips documentation if halted by a Plug.

Writes records to Postman Collection v2.1 json file that can be imported directly to Postman. JSON Schema

This markdown writer integrates swagger information and outputs in a slate-friendly markdown format. It requires that the decoded swagger data be available via Application.get_env(:bureaucrat, :swagger), eg by passing it as an option to the Bureaucrat.start/1 function.

Some functions used across Bureaucrat internally