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  • Charon.SessionStore.RedisStore

    • requires Redis >= 7.x.x
    • uses a Redix connection pool by itself, which requires initialization under the application supervision tree
    • implements optimistic locking
    • uses a new storage format based on hash sets, to which sessions are migrated starting from Charon 2.8
    • uses Redis functions to implement all session store operations in a single round trip to the Redis instance
    • support for unsigned binaries has been dropped
      • config options :allow_unsigned? has been removed
      • migrate_sessions/1 has been removed
      • sessions that have not been migrated using migrate_sessions/1 can no longer be used
  • Charon.SessionStore.LocalStore

    • implements optimistic locking
  • 2.x marked-deprecated functions have been removed:

    • Charon.Models.Session.deserialize/2
    • Charon.Models.Session.serialize/1
    • Charon.SessionStore.delete/3
    • Charon.SessionStore.get/3
    • Charon.SessionStore.delete_all/2
    • Charon.SessionStore.get_all/2
    • Charon.SessionStore.RedisStore.cleanup/1
    • Charon.TokenPlugs.verify_refresh_token_fresh/2
  • Charon.TokenPlugs.verify_token_signature/2 no longer adds default value "full" for claim "styp". This should not result in issues for tokens created by Charon 2.x.x deployments. Older deployments may wish to add a plug after Charon.TokenPlugs.verify_token_signature/2 that adds this default claim.