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2.x to 3.x


RedisStore changes

If you use Charon.SessionStore.RedisStore you must do the following before upgrading to 3.x:

  1. Update Charon to >= 2.8.0
  2. Upgrade your Redis instance to 7.x.x (this can be an in-place upgrade)
  3. Run Charon.SessionStore.RedisStore.migrate_sessions/1
  4. If you explicitly set config options :allow_unsigned? and :redix_module, you must remove your overrides. Support for these config options has been dropped.
  5. Initialize the Redix connection pool in your supervision tree. See readme section setting up a sessionstore.
  6. Remove your Redix module (if you don't use it for anything else).


Deprecated functions

All marked-as-deprecated functions have been dropped, so make sure your code does not use these functions anymore. The compiler emits warnings if you do.