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The helper application to manage cluster of nodes.



  • Add the dependency to your mix.exs file:
def deps do
    {:cloister, "~> 0.5"},
  • Make sure both :cloister and :libring applications are configured properly in your config.exs
config :cloister,
  sentry: ~w|node1@ node2@|a,
  consensus: 2
  • Make sure :cloister application is started. This does not require any action unless you have the list of applications specified explicitly. If so, add :cloister there.



  • 0.16.0 [EXP] experimental mix tasks to test/run stuff in a cloister
  • 0.15.0 [BUG] fixed Cloister.multicast/multicall
  • 0.14.0 named isolated Finitomata supervision tree
  • 0.13.0 [BUG] fixed Cloister.state/0 adding groups (credits: @anthony-gonzalez-kantox)
  • 0.12.0 complete rewrite of cluster assembly based on Finitomata
  • 0.10.0 Cloister.siblings!/0 and Cloister.consensus/0, better tests
  • 0.9.0 Cloister.multiapply/4 to wrap :rpc.multicall/4
  • 0.7.0 magic? :: boolean() and loopback? :: boolean() config params to avoid cluster building in tests
  • 0.6.0 support many hashrings within the same cloister
  • 0.2.0 use Application.c:start_phase/3 callback to postpone application start until the consensus is reached