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A Gleam library for adding colours in terminal outputs.

Very important for building beautiful test suites or ncurses terminal apps.

Note: Colours working on Gleam 0.15.0 latest main branch

Quick start

Colours is easy to use.

Just use any colour you want as a function. For foreground colour add fg and for background color add bg

in front of any colour you want to use from color image.

for example:


will print Maroon in Maroon colour.


will print Maroon with Maroon background.


Colours supports this text effects:

Colours also supports RGB colors for both background and foreground:

colours.fg_rgb("Red Foreground", 255, 0, 0)

will print Red Foreground in Red colour.

colours.bg_rgb("Red Background", 255, 0, 0)

will print Red Background with Red background.

Note: RGB colors support only Natural numbers


Colours can be installed by typing:

gleam add colours

inside your project directory.


You can visit a hexdocs documentation generated by gleam here.

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