Getting started

The package can be installed from hex as follows.

  1. Add commanded_eventstore_adapter to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

     def deps do
       [{:commanded_eventstore_adapter, "~> 1.4"}]

    Then run mix deps.get

  2. Create an event store for your application:

     defmodule MyApp.EventStore do
       use EventStore, otp_app: :my_app
  3. Define and configure your Commanded application to use the Commanded.EventStore.Adapters.EventStore adapter and your own event store module:

     defmodule MyApp.Application do
       use Commanded.Application,
         otp_app: :my_app,
         event_store: [
           adapter: Commanded.EventStore.Adapters.EventStore,
           event_store: MyApp.EventStore
  4. Configure the event store in each environment's mix config file (e.g. config/dev.exs), specifying usage of Commanded's JSON serializer:

     import Config
     config :my_app, MyApp.EventStore,
       serializer: Commanded.Serialization.JsonSerializer,
       username: "postgres",
       password: "postgres",
       database: "eventstore_dev",
       hostname: "localhost",
       pool_size: 10
  5. Add your event store to config/config.exs to make it easier to use the EventStore mix tasks:

     # config/config.exs
     import Config
     config :my_app, event_stores: [MyApp.EventStore]
     import_config "#{config_env()}.exs"
  6. Create the EventStore database and tables using the mix task:

     mix do event_store.create, event_store.init