Getting started

The package can be installed from hex as follows.

  1. Add commanded_extreme_adapter to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

     def deps do
       [{:commanded_extreme_adapter, "~> 1.0"}]
  2. Define and configure your Commanded application:

     defmodule MyApp.Application do
       use Commanded.Application, otp_app: :my_app
  3. Configure the Commanded application to use the Commanded.EventStore.Adapters.Extreme adapter and set the connection settings for the Event Store you are using:

     # config/config.exs
     config :my_app, MyApp.Application,
       event_store: [
         adapter: Commanded.EventStore.Adapters.Extreme,
         serializer: Commanded.Serialization.JsonSerializer,
         stream_prefix: "myapp",
         extreme: [
           db_type: :node,
           host: "localhost",
           port: 1113,
           username: "admin",
           password: "changeit",
           reconnect_delay: 2_000,
           max_attempts: :infinity

    Refer to the Extreme library documentation for details on the available connection settings.

    Note: Stream prefix must not contain a dash character ("-").

Running the Event Store

You must run the Event Store with all projections enabled and standard projections started.

Use the --run-projections=all --start-standard-projections=true flags when running the Event Store executable.