Concuerror's API specification


This documentation contains Concuerror's API specification. It is complementary to the user guides and tutorials available at Please start there if you are looking for general information about what the tool can do and how it works.

Table of Contents

Invoking Concuerror

The recommended method to invoke Concuerror is via the bin/concuerror escript (available after running make).

See the documentation of the concuerror module for more information about the entry points and return values.


Concuerror is configured using a number of options.

See the documentation of the concuerror_options module.


The help option can be used to access help.

Standard Error Printout

By default, Concuerror prints diagnostic messages in the standard error stream.

See the documentation of the verbosity option.

Report File

By default, Concuerror prints analysis findings in a report file.

See the documentation of the output option.

Graph Output

Optionally, Concuerror can produce a graphical representation of the exploration tree, by combining the explored interleavings.

See the documentation of the graph option.

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