db_connection v1.1.2 DBConnection.LogEntry

Struct containing log entry information.




Log entry information


t :: %DBConnection.LogEntry{call: atom, connection_time: non_neg_integer, decode_time: non_neg_integer | nil, params: any, pool_time: non_neg_integer | nil, query: any, result: {:ok, any} | {:ok, any, any} | {:error, Exception.t}}

Log entry information.

  • :call - The DBConnection function called
  • :query - The query used by the function
  • :params - The params passed to the function (if any)
  • :result - The result of the call
  • :pool_time - The length of time awaiting a connection from the pool (if the connection was not already checked out)
  • :connection_time - The length of time using the connection
  • :decode_time - The length of time decoding the result (if decoded the result using DBConnection.Query.decode/3)

All times are in the native time units of the VM, see System.monotonic_time/0. Falls back to :os.timestamp/0.