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Do It

Elixir Command Line Interface Framework.

A framework that helps to develop command line tools with Elixir.

Do It have two main components:

  • DoIt.Command - represents a single command.
  • DoIt.MainCommand - find all defined commands in project and generate all functions to match all commands in a single module, must be used as main_module in escript definition.

The commands version and help are automatic generated for the client.

The version number is obtained from mix.exs or option version in MainCommand.

So, if you have a client named cli, you can type cli version and cli help to get the version number and the list of commands respectively from the client.


We can define a new command as follows:

defmodule Hello do
  use DoIt.Command,
    description: "Useless hello command"

  argument(:message, :string, "Say hello to...")
  option(:template, :string, "Hello message template", alias: :t, default: "Hello <%= @message %>!!!")

  def run(%{message: message}, %{template: template}, _) do
    IO.puts EEx.eval_string(template, assigns: [message: message])


A help option is automatically added to the command to describe its usage.

shell script $ ./cli hello --help Usage: cli hello [OPTIONS] <message> Useless hello command Arguments: message Hello nice message Options: --help Print this help -t, --template Hello message template (Default: "Hello <%= @message %>!!!")

Use DoIt.Command and provide a required description, the command name is the module name, you can override that name using the name option.

defmodule Hello do
  use DoIt.Command,
    name: "olleh",
    description: "Useless hello command"




It generates functions matching all defined commands in the project, delegating the call to the matched command.

A MainCommand could be defined as follows:

defmodule Cli do
  use DoIt.MainCommand,
    description: "My useless CLI"


The package can be installed by adding do_it to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
    {:do_it, "~> 0.2.0"}


DoIt is released under the Apache License 2.0 - see the LICENSE file.