View Source DocuSign.Model.PrefillTabs (DocuSign v1.2.0)

Prefill tabs are tabs that the sender can fill in before the envelope is sent. They are sometimes called sender tags or pre-fill fields. Only the following tab types can be prefill tabs: - text - check boxes - radio buttons [Pre-Fill Your Own Document Fields][app] describes how prefill tabs work in the web application. [Customize your envelopes with pre-fill fields][catblog] shows how to use prefill tabs in your application using the eSignature SDKs. [app]: [catblog]:



@type t() :: %DocuSign.Model.PrefillTabs{
  checkboxTabs: [DocuSign.Model.Checkbox.t()] | nil,
  dateTabs: [DocuSign.Model.DocuSignDate.t()] | nil,
  emailTabs: [DocuSign.Model.Email.t()] | nil,
  numberTabs: [DocuSign.Model.DocuSignNumber.t()] | nil,
  radioGroupTabs: [DocuSign.Model.RadioGroup.t()] | nil,
  senderCompanyTabs: [DocuSign.Model.SenderCompany.t()] | nil,
  senderNameTabs: [DocuSign.Model.SenderName.t()] | nil,
  ssnTabs: [DocuSign.Model.Ssn.t()] | nil,
  tabGroups: [DocuSign.Model.TabGroup.t()] | nil,
  textTabs: [DocuSign.Model.Text.t()] | nil,
  zipTabs: [DocuSign.Model.Zip.t()] | nil