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We've already seen some conditions nested using maps.


Using maps is the go-to way of writing conditions. If you're unsure about how to define a condition, use a Map.

When using a Map with multiple elements in a condition, all of its elements must match for the whole condition to match. This is similar to pattern-matching in Elixir code.

Say we want a Todo.List to only be archivable? if it's not archived yet and all of its tasks are completed.

defmodule Todo.List do
  use Ecto.Schema
  use Dx.Ecto.Schema, repo: Todo.Repo

  schema "lists" do
    field :archived_at, :utc_datetime

    belongs_to :created_by, Todo.User

  infer archived?: false, when: %{archived_at: nil}
  infer archived?: true

  infer archivable?: true,
        when: %{
          archived?: false,
          tasks: {:all?, %{completed?: true}}

  infer archivable?: false


A logical "or" is expressed by an Elixir List. This is the first major difference to pattern-matching. It might not feel intuitive at first, but gets familiar fast and becomes very useful once you got used to it.

Say we want a Todo.List to be archivable? if its :state we defined in the previous chapter is either :completed or :ready.

defmodule Todo.List do
  # ...

  infer state: :archived, when: %{archived?: true}
  infer state: :completed, when: %{tasks: {:all?, %{completed?: true}}}
  infer state: :in_progress, when: %{tasks: %{completed?: true}}
  infer state: :ready, when: %{tasks: %{}}
  infer state: :empty

  infer archivable?: true, when: %{state: [:completed, :ready]}
  infer archivable?: false

This is also a good example for defining predicates based on other predicates if they reflect how you actually think about them. Dx will find an efficient way to evaluate them.


Negations can be expressed by wrapping a condition in a :not tuple.

Another way of expressing the archived? predicate from the first guide would thus be:

defmodule Todo.List do
  # ...

  infer archived?: true, when: %{archived_at: {:not, nil}}
  infer archived?: false

  # previously:
  # infer archived?: false, when: %{archived_at: nil}
  # infer archived?: true