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There are a few steps needed to get started with the Ecspanse ECS framework. This guide covers the process of setting up the environment and creating a working application.

Create a new Elixir/Phoenix project

This guide we will use a simple supervised Elixir application:

mix new demo --sup


The first step is adding the :ecspanse library to the project dependencies. This is done by adding the following line to the mix.exs file:

def deps do
    {:ecspanse, "~> 0.3.0"}


The subsequent stage involves configuring Ecspanse via use ECSpanse. In this guide, the primary Demo module will accommodate the Ecspanse setup:

defmodule Demo do
  use Ecspanse

  @impl Ecspanse
  def setup(data) do

The Ecspanse.setup/1 callback is mandatory. It will be later on used to schedule the application systems.

Starting the Ecspanse server

The module implementing Ecspanse needs to be added to the supervision tree.

The Ecspanse server loop will start together with the application:

iex -S mix