Ecto.Association.ManyToMany (Ecto v3.7.1) View Source

The association struct for many_to_many associations.

Its fields are:

  • cardinality - The association cardinality
  • field - The name of the association field on the schema
  • owner - The schema where the association was defined
  • related - The schema that is associated
  • owner_key - The key on the owner schema used for the association
  • queryable - The real query to use for querying association
  • on_delete - The action taken on associations when schema is deleted
  • on_replace - The action taken on associations when schema is replaced
  • defaults - Default fields used when building the association
  • relationship - The relationship to the specified schema, default :child
  • join_keys - The keyword list with many to many join keys
  • join_through - Atom (representing a schema) or a string (representing a table) for many to many associations
  • join_defaults - A list of defaults for join associations
  • preload_order - Default order_by of the association, used only by preload

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assoc_query(refl, values)

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