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Easily generate data based on your ecto schemas.

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Add ecto_factory to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
    {:ecto_factory, "~> 0.1.0"}


Assume we're using the following User module:

defmodule User do
  use Ecto.Schema

  schema "users" do
    field :age, :integer
    field :username, :string
    field :date_of_birth, :date
    field :address, :map

Now you can use EctoFactory to generate a Ecto struct with random data for each of your differnt fields


  #=> %User{
    age: 230419832, #random number for an :integer
    username: aduasdaitquweofads, #random string for a :string
    date_of_birth: ~D[2019-10-10], #today for a :date
    address: %{ #random map of string for a :map
      "aduiasdoufp" => "eruiqweu"
      "wfhsddha" => "uudfadsuyanbasvasd"

You can set defaults in your config:

# config/config.exs

config :ecto_factory, factories: [
  user_with_defaults: { User, [
    age: 99,
    username: "mrmicahcooper",
    date_of_birth: Date.from_iso8601!("2012-12-12")
  ] }

Which will allow you to do the following:


#=> %User{
  age: 99
  username: "mrmicahcooper"
  date_of_birth: ~D[2012-12-12]
  address: %{
    "aduiasdoufp" => "eruiqweu"
    "wfhsddha" => "uudfadsuyanbasvasd"

Notice the :address is still random data

And if you don't want to use random data or defaults, you can specify your attributes at runtime:

  username: "foo",
  age: 2,
  date_of_birth: ~D[2019-01-01],
  address: %{},

#=> %User{
  address: %{}
  age: 2,
  date_of_birth: ~d[2019-01-01],
  username: "foo",

You can also use EctoFactory's own generators to create radom data. You can do this when specifying attributes:

  username: :string, # random string
  email: :email, # random email
  address: {:map, :integer}, # map where the keys are random strings, and the values are random integers

#=> %User{
  address: %{
    "aduiasdoufp" => 12387128412,
    "wfhsaaddha" => 1238194012
  age: 1293812931,
  date_of_birth: ~d[2019-01-01],
  username: "asdlfkjad",

You can also just call these straight from EctoFactory with &Ectofactory.gen/1:

# => 1204918243915 # randome integer

# => "7D654105-F75D-4E73-8B97-BC7CE1E51EDA" # uuid

# => "yjlsbxdcyqhcwswwhv@ogrlycqeycqezslb.omuaqbhpqjmqtnbifoa" #email composed of a bunch of random strings

Here is a full list of the random things you can create. Notice this is a 1-1 mapping of Ecto's default data types with 1 (more to come) convenience type - :email

  {:array, type}
  {:map, type}


$ git clone
$ cd ecto_factory
$ mix deps.get
$ mix test