Ecto SQL v3.1.3 mix ecto.migrate View Source

Runs the pending migrations for the given repository.

Migrations are expected at "priv/YOUR_REPO/migrations" directory of the current application, where "YOUR_REPO" is the last segment in your repository name. For example, the repository MyApp.Repo will use "priv/repo/migrations". The repository Whatever.MyRepo will use "priv/my_repo/migrations".

You can configure a repository to use another directory by specifying the :priv key under the repository configuration. The "migrations" part will be automatically appended to it. For instance, to use "priv/custom_repo/migrations":

config :my_app, MyApp.Repo, priv: "priv/custom_repo"

This task runs all pending migrations by default. To migrate up to a specific version number, supply --to version_number. To migrate a specific number of times, use --step n.

The repositories to migrate are the ones specified under the :ecto_repos option in the current app configuration. However, if the -r option is given, it replaces the :ecto_repos config.

Since Ecto tasks can only be executed once, if you need to migrate multiple repositories, set :ecto_repos accordingly or pass the -r flag multiple times.

If a repository has not yet been started, one will be started outside your application supervision tree and shutdown afterwards.


mix ecto.migrate
mix ecto.migrate -r Custom.Repo

mix ecto.migrate -n 3
mix ecto.migrate --step 3

mix ecto.migrate -v 20080906120000
mix ecto.migrate --to 20080906120000

Command line options

  • -r, --repo - the repo to migrate
  • --all - run all pending migrations
  • --step / -n - run n number of pending migrations
  • --to - run all migrations up to and including version
  • --quiet - do not log migration commands
  • --prefix - the prefix to run migrations on
  • --pool-size - the pool size if the repository is started only for the task (defaults to 2)
  • --log-sql - log the raw sql migrations are running
  • --strict-version-order - abort when applying a migration with old timestamp
  • --no-compile - does not compile applications before migrating
  • --no-deps-check - does not check depedendencies before migrating
  • --migrations-path - the path to run the migrations from